Some of My Music


Old Lies
Song for a dear friend

He's a Chameleon
Watch out, girl...

It's Nighttime, Baby
A lullaby for Madeline

Tryin' to Make a Diamond
About awakening and healing

Monica Lewinsky Sez... 
Oh, say, can you see?  This song is rated PG!

Calling for the Wind
This song is for my husband.   I have always loved, and will always love you, Jamie.

The Simpson Boogie 
In case you didn't get enough of the story after watching BOTH trials and reading the books...

Nobody's Favorite Son 
An observation of a young life...

What Kind of God?
Written after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

Countless Virgins (A Martyr's Lullaby)

This is a work in progress, written after the events of 9/11.   For the background info, click here: background


NEW! Featured Artist: 

Avalon O'Lone

Before Her Eyes

Avalon is my amazing fourteen-year-old niece.  Moved by the events on September 11, she sat down that evening and wrote this song, "Before Her Eyes."   The CBS National News interviewed Avalon and featured "Before Her Eyes" in the last segment of the  series "Eye on America" on January 1st, 2002.  They used her music throughout the piece.  

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